If Mobile

Health Insurance on your Smartphone

With If Mobile, everything will be even faster, simpler and more secure!

If Mobile is a new app that will help you to find the information you need about your health insurance programme, quickly submit receipts to receive compensation and track the course of the insurance pay out on your smartphone.
If you have the If Mobile app on your phone, you’ll no longer need to carry around a plastic insurance card.

How do I start using If Mobile?

The If Mobile app has been developed so that all data exchange is secure. Therefore, when you start to use the app, you need to go through the authorisation process consisting of five simple steps. You only need to authorise once. Thereafter, you’ll be able to open and use the app immediately.

  1. Down the app to your smartphone free of charge.
  2. Make sure that the passcode (iOS) or phone password (Android) are set on your smartphone. This is necessary to make sure that your data is secure.
  3. To receive authorisation, use your Internet bank password.
  4. Study the If Health insurance terms and conditions; agree to them, and to the processing of your data.
  5. Create an If Mobile four digit security code. In future, you’ll use it to confirm various actions on the app.