Car insurance

Motor third party liability compensation for personal losses

The CMTPL policy also covers losses caused to the health of the victim of a traffic accident:

Medical treatment

  • Transport of the victim to a medical or rehabilitation institution, including admission, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Nursing care
  • Purchase of medications
  • Purchase of food related to treatment
  • Treatment at home (including travel costs when visiting the medical or rehabilitation institution)
  • Purchase or rental of prostheses, endoprostheses and similar equipment.

Compensation for treatment abroad will be paid if the treatment has been agreed with the insurer in writing.

Temporary disability

Compensation will be paid for temporary disability, as confirmed by the medical institution:

  • Unearned income for a victim who was an employee at the time of the accident, paying the average wage received by the individual at work after withdrawal of any sickness subsidies paid after the accident
  • Unearned income for a victim who was self-employed at the time of the accident, taking into account the difference between taxed income in the previous calendar year and taxed income in the year in which the accident occurred, if the person has suffered temporary disability, and after withdrawal of any sickness subsidies paid after the accident.

Permanent disability

The pension is calculated on the basis of the following formula:

The pension is equal to the victim’s average earnings, minus wages received after the accident, a pension awarded by the state’s social insurance budget, and any subsidies received from state or local government budgets.


  • Losses suffered by dependents of a person who died in a traffic accident are calculated on the basis of this formula: The lost income of the deceased which the dependents received when the victim was alive, minus any pension paid as a result of the loss of the bread-winner
  • Burial costs are covered at a level of no less than eight minimal monthly wages
  • If burial costs are higher than that, keep the receipts, and sensible expenditures will be compensated
  • Compensation for the death of the victim can also be received if the person died within a year’s time as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Non-materials losses for a victim

  • Physical injury of the victim
  • Crippling or disability of the victim
  • Death of a bread-winner, dependent or spouse
  • 1st-grade disability of a bread-winner, dependent or spouse.

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